Trixie Cowl ~ $3.95



The Trixie Cowl has a few tricks up her sleeve…Well not really, but by combining different textures and even different yarns, it is like you are wearing two different cowls.  The cowl is loosely knit on the bias and has sturdy I-cord edges, so it will naturally fold in half, neatly aligning each of the I-cord edges. Have fun with this one.  Make one in a single bold yarn or mix it up a bit by combining two different colors or a variegated yarn.

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Polka Spot Scarf ~ $3.95



The stylish Polka Spot Scarf is quick and easy-to-knit in a variety of yarn weights.  It’s wide asymmetrical triangle shape takes full advantage of the squishy garter stitch and maintains a nice drape of the finished fabric. While there is plenty going on in this pattern to keep experienced knitter’s interested, it provides beginners an excellent opportunity to practice increasing, decreasing, yarn over’s, and a sewn bind off. 

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