6a00d8341c76bd53ef0168e8231461970cFrom the wonderful craziness that was Stitches West.  Wow, what a great time, but boy is it hard work.  I am just now getting back to feeling normal and getting into a routine.  I slept a solid 11 hours Sunday night, because I was so exhausted.

Here is a quick shoot of my corner of the booth, not such a great image but I had to make due with my iphone camera.  I am so thankful that Bobbin’s Nest and Jordana Paige let me have a bit of space in their booth, because I couldn’t have done it alone.  I feel the weekend was a success and I am so happy I got to talk to customers about my patterns.  It is so nice for folks to be able to see and feel the actual samples.

Another big thank you to Natalie of Coquette, for her shout out today on her blog.  What a lucky girl I am! More to come on what I took home from Stitches.  Whose up for a little yarn porn?