While I was at Stitches West, many people asked how to create the twist in the Trixie Cowl, like in the above image.  This was one of the most popular questions, so I thought I would post a few images on how to acheive that twisted look.

1.  Fold the loop of the cowl in half lengthwise, it will want to do this automatically due to the i-cord.  Place the folded cowl over your head with one of the change in color and/or texture joins at your back neck and the i-cord edge towards the inside of the loop.



2. Place one side over the other to form half of the twist.6a00d8341c76bd53ef016763a3bd66970b


3. Repeat Step 2 so that the cowl is twisted on itself one full rotation, each of the different textured sides will be on the same side as they were pre-twist.



4. Place the second join over your head and viola, you now have a twist in your Trixie Cowl!


Check back next week for a fun and different way to tie the Polka Spot Scarf.  This was the second most question I was asked at Stitches.