6a00d8341c76bd53ef0163029501c2970d-320wiFor years my go to shawl (more like scarf) pin has been what you see above, those fabulous brushed aluminum stitch holders.  They had what I was looking for in a shawl pin: simple design, vintage modern feel, small size and very lightweight.  I look for them when I am thrifing and I have amassed quite the collection of colors and sizes, my favorite size being the one around 3″.  They are still available new, but I find that the range of colors is limited.  These have served their purpose and I will continue to use them a bit uncoventionally.

But I still felt I wanted a proper shawl pin, I am not sure why.  In my previous searches I have come up empty handed.  Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of shawl pins out there but none of them spoke to me.  This is what I have found in my hunt for the perfect shawl pin:

  • The wooden and shell ones seem to be too clunkly and granola for my taste.
  • The more traditional circular metal ones, well just too traditional and a lot of them were mucked up with embossing or engraving.
  • Then there are the contemporary metal ones, that had either too many curlicues or beads.

And all of these were usually just too darn big for what I wanted.  Then the other night in a late night search on Pinterest I found exactly what I was looking for…  Clicked on the picture and it took me to this Etsy seller,Twiceshearedsheep.  I scooped up two of them:

The modern horseshoe shawl pin, was love at first sight and I had to have it.


The Albert Alpaca shawl pin made me smile and I had to have that one too.


I know what a weird thing to post about and sort of obsess over, but that’s me.  Also, I thought I would share my find with others that may have my same shawl pin taste.