I am sure a lot of you out there have discovered Craftsy already, but if you haven’t check it out.  They recently started allowing independent designers to upload and sell their patterns on the site.  So I have finally put my patterns up on the site, check them out when you have a chance.  What I really like about their pattern section is that designers can upload all sorts of patterns from knitting and sewing to jewerly making and paper crafts.  Making it an all inclusive crafty pattern shopping source.  Don’t get me wrong… I love Ravelry and the bulk of my pattern sales are through them.  But I really like the fact that there is more than just knitting and crochet patterns on Craftsy.


I have also signed up for quite a few of the Craftsy courses.  I love the platform and find the video courses very comprehensive, you can ask the instructor questions, make notes and even talk with other folks taking the course.  Another thing that sold me was that your access to the course doesn’t expire, so you can view it at your leisure and not worry that you have to rush through any of the information.  I haven’t had much time to really watch all of the courses I am signed up for, but the couple that I have watched are great.  The two that would recommend are Fit Your Knits and The Couture Dress.  That is not to say I wouldn’t recommend the other courses, these two courses are the ones that I have had the chance to explore.


Fit is such an important part of any sort of garment project and such a mystery to a lot of people.  I have had almost 20 years experience fitting garments on people, so I couldn’t resist signing up for Stephanie Japel’scourse, Fit Your Knits.  Fitting sewn garments is a bit different than fitting garments you are knitting, and I thought Stephanie really does lay it out for you in an easy to understand way.


Then there is Susan Khalje’sThe Couture Dress!  Okay, I might be a bit biased here because I was lucky enough to take Susan’s week long Couture Sewing School back in 2008.  It was 6 days of hard work but utter bliss for me and I got a wedding dress out of it.  So if you have always wanted to take a Susan Khalje class this would be a good and affordable place to start.