As promised… Here is a quick and easy how-to for tying your Polka Spot Scarf into a loop.  I wore the scarf like this at Stitches and folks kept asking how I did it.  I was getting too warm while working and wearing my Polka Spot scarf in the more traditional way, wrapped a couple times around my neck, this option allowed me to comfortably wear my scarf all day.  It is a great option for extending the wear of a woolen scarf into spring or fall. 

1. Wrap one pointy end of the scarf around your neck, with the wider section of the scarf in front of you.


2. Repeat with the other pointy end.  Adjust to the length you want by overlapping the pointy ends more or less.


3. Tuck one pointy end under the scarf.


  4. Wrap the pointy end entirely around the scarf.


5. Then tuck the pointy end under the wrap to form the tie.  Repeat Steps 3 through 5 on the other side.


Taa-daa!  You now have a great looking looped scarf, that adds a pop of color, without all the heat.