I got to do some fun crafting this weekend.  What do I mean by “fun crafting”?  Well, most of the things I make are prototypes or samples for patterns.  I like to make samples, don’t get me wrong, but you do have to pay attention and make a lot notes while working on them.  “Fun crafting” is when I can make something just for the fun of it.

First fun craft are these quilt blocks for Carol’s quilt.  I mentioned our quilt block swap in this post, these are the one’s I made for March.  Such a fun and easy way to piece.  I hope she likes them, they went off to her in the mail this morning.


The second fun craft was starting this crocheted mesh tee.  It is based on this free pattern, but me being me, I changed it up a bit.  That is the beauty of a top down constructed garment, you can try it on as you go and get a really good fit.  I started out with the neckline of the smallest size, then did 11 increase rows, after that I haven’t really followed the pattern.  I connected the underarm with 7 chains, added 2 short rows to the front, then added some shaping.  Since this is an open mesh pattern, the shaping was really easy to add by omitting the chain 1 stitch between each of the double crochets.  It also changes the look of the fabric, which I happen to like.  In the back photo, you can really see the shaping, just like making darts on a sewn garment.  Hopefully, this will get completed in the coming week.  Yay, for fun crafting.