Been MIA lately and feeling guiltly about it.  I have been busy with other projects and not working on my own stuff for the last few weeks.  When I have other jobs/projects to do I tend to just focus on them and leave my own personal projects (writing pattterns, blogging, making samples) on the back burner, which isn’t so great when you are trying to build a business.  I think I need more structure to my days and really devote time to my projects (no matter how little) when I do have other jobs to do.  It will be an ongoing process, but hopefully one that I will become better at.

So what have I been up to?  Well, I have been doing some sewing for private clients (mostly home dec items), drafting and grading a pattern for Jennifer Paganelli and Carla Crim, and doing all the work associated for the monthly Bobbin’s Nest Pattern.  So as of last week there is a new crochet pattern available on the Bobbin’s Nest site, the Petit Four Scarf:



This is a fun and quick project to make, that would be suitable for a beginner crocheter that can chain, single crochet and double crochet.  For the sample I used The Fibre Company’s Canopy in Quetzal and Cat’s Claw.  It’s a great project for the warmer months, since it is so lightweight.  I want to see it made up in a solid color and also try doing one with scraps in multiple colors with added fringe.  So check it out at Bobbin’s Nest, this month the entire site is having a great moving sale, so now is the time to get it.

Want to see what is going to be part of our dinner tonight?  Home grown artichokes!  That big one (bottom center) is going to taste delish tonight with dinner.  Yum!