From left to right: the best raspberries ever, cucumber, 2 zucchini and two different carrots on top.

What a difference a year makes.  I can’t believe how crazy my veggie garden is growing and producing so early in the season.  The zucchini’s

Don't leave a raspberry lovin' dog alone with a raspberry! He made a huge mess on himself and his bed.

Don’t leave a raspberry lovin’ dog alone with a raspberry! He made a huge mess on himself and his bed.

were the 4th and 5th that I have picked.  Obviously, the carrots aren’t ready, but it is fun to see them.  I am growing three different types of carrots this year; dragons-blood (they are a very dark red on the outside and orange on the inside), Paris market (a round smaller carrot, pictured) and a yellow carrot (also pictured).  Last year the spring and summer months were cooler than normal, so the garden produced a lot later and not as much.  This year the weather has be quite a bit warmer (some days just too hot for me) and the garden is loving that.

I do have some total fails in the veggie garden, no lettuce!  The first year grew fabulous lettuce, all different kinds.  Last year was so-so in the lettuce department.  This year every single lettuce that sprouted got eaten completely.  I don’t know by what, since they were eaten down to nothing.  I know what snail can do, but this wasn’t done by snails or bugs in general.  It is a gardening mystery to me.  I might try lettuce again in a smaller container that I can cover at night and see how that goes.

Our smaller dog, Butternut, is a bit strange (in so many ways).  He loves almost all sorts of veggies and fruits.  If I am in the kitchen chopping things up, he is right there wanting anything that may fall to the floor.  I also just give him things to see if he will like them .  The lastest was raspberries, he loves them a little to much.